Project carried out as part of the Copper and the Home competition in partnership with Mathilde LOPEZ and Prisca Razafindrakoto
3D modelling : Rhinoceros 3D + Keyshot
Copper is widely used in our society for its various qualities among which its thermal conductivity. We have chosen to focus on this property to develop the Companion project. This object, with its minimalist drawing, accompanies its owner in all his travels and creates a warm «presence» in every painful moment of the day. Adorned with its plaque of ceramics, it preserves and regulates the heat. The function of its copper envelope is to spread it. It draws its energy from diverse sources of heat: Whether on a radiator or plunged into some boiling water, Companion invites us to imagine how to reload it. Our friend warms us over a period of thirty minutes, which
corresponds to the average time spent in transport in town. Ten minutes are enough for it to store the heat. So, in the morning, after reloading on a domestic radiator for example, we can put it in our pocket. It comforts us from the moment we leave our home and its heat accompanies us throughout our journey. Ceramics and metal are poured. Its drawing, inspired by flint, gives Companion an “amulet-object” dimension. Its faceted shape, makes it easy to handle and invites the owner to appropriate it through manipulation. On the surface, its texture inspired by the impact of the hammering, strengthened by the precious aspect inherent in copper, gives our object a sentimental value. As a friend, it is precious to us. Each of us develops an intimate and unique relationship with his Companion.
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