Industrial Product Designer, passionate about innovation, digital and emerging manufacturing processes. Since my earliest childhood, I have been driven by creation, from painting to prototyping and photography. This is why, as soon as I graduated from high school, I decided to study applied arts, industrial design and innovation. Alternative production and distribution channels are an integral part of my personal approach, and my years of experience have enabled me to acquire expertise in additive manufacturing.
For me, design is first and foremost a way of thinking about the object as a whole by integrating, from the early conceptualization phase, the human and the environment in order to create a product that is as relevant as possible from the point of view of both use and impact on the market.
-Master Recherche Innovation Conception Ingénierie, ENSAM (Paris).
-DSAA Design de Produits, ENSAAMA (Paris), 1st year of MA level
-BTS Design de Produits, Lycée Édouard Branly (Amiens), BA level
-Adobe CC
#Photography #Painting #Music #Graphism #Street-art
#Fashion #DIY #Motorcycle#Sports
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